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There are over 20 pizzas on offer, including gluten free choices plus a salad bar.



A number of small rooms with warm Slovenian deco and dishes that are well known all over the European continent.


Welcoming small salon in traditional Slovenian style with a touch of motorbike culture



Gostilna Pri Planincu has been operating without a break since 1903. In all these years the external appearance and interior has not changed, preserving the traditional spirit of Bled's cultural heritage....

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Pub choices

An authentic small salon in old Slovenian style with a touch of motorbike culture...


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Local & European Menu

The pub is well known all over Europe for the quality of service and the choice of delicious dishe....

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Pizza menu

The pizzeria at the back of the pub on the second floor offers 23 types of delicious pizza..

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